About Us

BlackBox Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Casa Grande, Arizona focused on arts production, education, and advocacy.

BlackBox Foundation was formed in April 2012 to support the continuing efforts of community members with a history of producing, performing, and educating in Casa Grande and the surrounding areas.

Our goals as an organization are three-fold:

To produce quality arts events.
To support arts education for all age levels.
To be an advocate for the arts in our community.

A quote that sums up our thinking about the arts in Pinal county is:

“Rural arts are different from urban arts, but in unexpected ways. We often are predisposed to think that rural arts are smaller-scale versions of arts activities in larger towns and cities, or that they are not professional in a mainstream sense. But in fact rural arts have a richness and complexity congruent with anything seen in larger centres, and have distinct characteristics that arise precisely because these activities happen in particular rural or community settings.”

John Brotman, Ontario Arts Council
(at a Canadian Cultural Observatory workshop)