3 Ways to Always Be Audition Ready


The term “hurry up and wait” was practically invented for the film/TV actor. As actors you’re often in a holding pattern, whether it’s waiting to go in to audition for a great part, waiting to see if you got it, being put in avail, being on set waiting to get in the makeup chair, sitting in your trailer waiting for your scene to be shot, waiting for all the technical elements to be put in place, and then finally…GO GO GO!!
Being ready is one of the most important skills for an actor to have in their toolbox.
If you ask 100 working actors how they got where they are, you’ll get a wide variety of answers. For most, it starts with an audition, so we’ll focus there, but no matter how their opportunities presented themselves, they were ready.
Here are three things you can do to make sure you’re always audition ready:
1. Take classes. I’m a teacher, so, yes I think this is an important way to stay sharp! But, I’m also a student and take many classes myself. I see how powerfully they guide me and I count on them to keep me focused and at my best.
A good class should remind you why you wanted to act in the first place, it should encourage and uplift andMORE

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