Storytelling Workshops are Starting

Once upon a time . . .
What’s your story? The world needs to hear it! Time to put down that delicious summer reading, and join us for 3 workshops to celebrate the storyteller in you!
“But wait, I’m not a storyteller.” Remember when . . . ? If a memory just popped into your head, and I know it did—you’re a storyteller! The rest of you are liars 

Who are these workshops for?
“I want to do this, but I’m shy–I can’t do this.” You can and we’ll help you, step by step.
“I have a funny story.” We love those!
“My story has pain, and no one wants to hear about that.” We need those stories! It will help you understand your hurts, and help us understand ours.
“I have stories, but nothing dramatic or worth telling.” Life is all in the little things, and tell you must!
“You’ll hate it.” We will applaud it!
“I just don’t know how to relay it—it’s lost inside my head.” We will pull it out of you like a dentist pulling a tooth—just kidding! We will coach you with some gentle strategies for finding & shaping that evasive gem!

Here’s the info on the 2 Casa Grande events that will include a showcase of storytellers:

Event: Sunday, 9/15 (for Hispanic Heritage month)
• 8/23
• 9/06
• 9/13
Event: Nov. 3 (CG Mosaic)
• 10/11
• 10/18
• 10/25
All workshops are on Fridays, from 3 to 6pm at the Blackbox Annex (400 W 2nd St. Suite 200)

Sylvia Vega is a community college educator who lives in Casa Grande. She embraces the view that writing and creativity belong to all of us. One of her favorite quotes is from Crow and Weasel by Barry Lopez: “Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive. That is why we put these stories in each other’s memory. This is how people care for themselves.”
The Vegas are the proud parental units of two boys, both currently pursuing their dreams in digital media, writing, improv & stand-up comedy in New York City. They are desert-dwelling, guacamole-and-chips-loving empty-nesters, and are also great fans of salsa, both the red stuff and the music. Sylvia relishes time with her writing group, journals, great literature, and Scripture, while Carlos continues his relentless search for 5-star shows on Netflix and amazon. They anxiously await a sequel to The Americans.

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